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Symposium to mark the first class of Guinean graduates from the Centre of Social Excellence (CSE)
Symposium to mark the first class of Guinean graduates from the Centre of Social Excellence (CSE)
News 7 déc. 2021

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On December 8, 2021, the CSE team will hold the first Symposium on Social Aspects of Responsible Mining in Guinea. This event, organised with the support of the Alcoa Foundation, will mark the graduation of the first class of trained Guinean social practitioners and also the official announcement of the 2022 CSE Guinea course.

Thanks to the support of the Alcoa Foundation and the Guinean government, in 2021 the Centre of Social Excellence (CSE) trained 20 Guineans from mining companies, public institutions, NGOs, and local communities. Beginning in February, they undertook a three-month theoretical training course in Cameroon on proactive social management in the Guinean mining sector, followed by a six-month professional field project with local host companies and institutions back in Guinea.

The CSE team at the Sangarédi commune.

To mark the conclusion of the first CSE Guinea course, a symposium on the Social Aspects of Responsible Mining in Guinea will take place on December 8 in Conakry. This event will recognize the first class of CSE Guinea graduates, share the results from their practical field projects, and promote the opportunity for Guineans to participate in the second CSE Guinea course set to take place in 2022. The Symposium will include a roundtable entitled ‘Social Aspects of Responsible Mining in Guinea – Issues and Perspectives’ as well as presentations of the results of CSE graduates’ professional projects.

The project presentations will be grouped under the following themes:

  • Perceptions of actors on local content,
  • Management of the Local Economic Development Fund,
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of degraded sites, and
  • Harmonization of complaints management systems.

In the weeks leading up to this event, Earthworm’s CSE Africa visited the Guinean mining region of Boké where they launched the Call for Applications for the 2022 CSE Guinea course in meetings with local authorities, community members and representatives of the private sector. The visit was part of CSE’s targeted recruitment efforts to increase participation of local communities affected by mining activities in the 2022 CSE course.

Back in the Guinean capital Conakry, on the eve of the Symposium, the team met with government officials and civil society organisations. Their enthusiasm for the 2022 CSE course and their recommendation that CSE also train Guineans from other mining regions – in addition to Boké – underscore the demand for social management capacity in Guinea and augur a growing contribution by CSE to participatory sustainable development and human rights in the mining sector.

The CSE team during an outreach exercise with local communities at Kamsar.

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